Bay Area Home Price Trends

SFGate : Trends in Home Prices in the Nine Bay Area Counties Search the database to see how home prices have changed in the nine Bay Area counties over the past one, four and eight years, and since each market’s respective peak. Ending period is March 2008. (Source: DataQuick Information Systems)

Many Bay Area homeowners end up underwater

An article on has some interesting discussion around the topic of how homeowners feel like they are “drowning” from the declining home values.

The people most affected are those who bought recently with little or no money down. When home values decline, many such homeowners end up “underwater” – owing more than their house is worth. The negative equity regions closely track to the places where prices have fallen most steeply, such as eastern Contra Costa County, Oakland, Richmond and Solano County. But even in upscale areas like the Peninsula, Marin and Walnut Creek, … analysis shows that a significant percentage of people who purchased in 2006 now owe more on their house than it is worth.” (see graphic below)

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East Bay Real Estate Market in 2008

Barbara Hendrickson and Cindy Wilson, REALTORS at Red Oak Realty have an interesting post on their new blog about the Real Estate Market in 2008.

We have all heard the words “Change” and “Challenge” a lot lately, particularly in every political campaign out there … well, they are good ones to apply to this year’s real estate market.

There are at least 3 good reasons we can think of that would indicate that this next year will be an awesome time to buy and maybe a good time to sell.

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