Berkeley #1 Suburb to Sell A Home

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Forbes Magazine ranked Berkeley #1 in Ten Best Suburbs To Sell A House

Short Sale Tops List of Searches

Inman’s Blog writes that “short sale” tops the list of recent searches on the InmanWiki – by a landslide. Is this an indication of what is on everyone’s mind?

A short sale refers to the sale of a property in which the sale price is insufficient to pay off all encumbrances and pay the expenses of sale. If the lender is convinced that the owner in unable to make the payments the lender will often agree to take less than the full amount owned to allow the sale to close escrow. Why would the bank agree to a short sale? The incentive for the bak is to have the property sell before the loan becomes a problem on their books.

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Curb Appeal

This is the season for the serious home buyer. And with so many listings for that buyer to look at, the successful seller will be the one whose house stands out in the crowd. this is known as “curb appeal.” How a house looks from the street, the National Association of Realtors says, is often enough to bring a prospective buyer in for a look.

Late fall to early spring is the toughest time to make the view from the curb more appealing: All the flowers, except perhaps for pansies, are dead; all but the evergreen trees are leafless; and the grass is brown and sparse.

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Source: -Alan J. Heavens